Current Students

Nicole Bijlsma
Title: Environmental Chemical Assessment In Clinical Practice: Uncloaking The Elephant In The Room
Nicole’s research involves assessing the extent to which environmental chemical exposures are considered and assessed in general medical practice. It also aims to explore current practices used for environmental chemical assessment through in depth interviews with doctors and other health practitioners who are considered experts in this field. This will enable the identification of practices that can inform the development of tools to assist clinicians in assessing the toxic load of their patients. Joy is the recipient of a Jacka Foundation Scholarship.

Lauren Burns
Title: Investigating The Effect Of Pesticides On Human Neurocognitive Function And Physiological Performance
Lauren’s research aims to explore if organic food has a competitively significant or clinically significant positive impact of human neurocognitive and physiological function through a rigorous randomised, double-blind clinical trial comparing organic and conventional diets in elite athletes. Elite athletes provide an effective population for this research as they represent a relatively homogeneous population and even small reductions in performance are likely to be measurable and relevant. Any neurocognitive or physiological benefits that are found with organic food will provide the basis for further research in different chronic disease populations. Joy is the recipient of a Jacka Foundation Scholarship.

James Clark-Kennedy
Title: Indulgence or Therapy?: Exploring the Health and Wellbeing of Hot Spring Bathers in Victoria
This cross-sectional observational study aims to explore the characteristics, motivations and experiences of natural thermal mineral spring bathers in Victoria and any perceived effects that hot spring bathing has on their health and wellbeing.

Dr Joy Hussain
Title: Repeated Sauna Therapy: Investigating The Effect Of Saunas On Health And Detoxification Of Environmental Toxicants Using Metabolomics Analysis 
Joy’s research explores the health and wellbeing impact and biological effects of effects of repeated sauna activity on adults utilising mixed research methods. The research will include quantitative measures of a panel of potential environmental toxicants/ xenobiotics in human tissues samples such as urine, blood, sweat, and saliva collected before and after a standardised course of repeated sauna activity along with a targeted metabolomics approach to laboratory analysis of specimens. The research will also include an exploration of the characteristics, motivations and experiences of sauna users including their perception of health effects, health symptoms, sleep quality etc. using validated questionnaires. Joy is the recipient of a Jacka Foundation Scholarship.

Past Students