Wellness Wonderland

There is a Wellness Wonderland currently in creation, where you can come and join Prof Cohen at various specialist events, in a location close to Melbourne.

Facilities include:

  • Warrandyte imageNaturally cleansed fresh water swimming pool
  • Two natural hotubs
  • Lounging areas including hammocks and relaxing decks
  • Waterslide
  • Ceremonial fire pit
  • Ice bucket drop
  • Fruit and vegetable gardens
  • Slow Food Preparation
  • Small Tulsi plantation
  • And much more in the making

Prof Cohen has been creating this Wellness Wonderland for 9 years now and, although it is an ever expanding, ever evolving creation, soon he will be opening it up as an experiential learning centre for Wellness devotee’s.

Workshop and Event to look forward to:

  • Midsummer Wellness Immersion
  • Tulsi Tea Nights
  • Wellness Sumits
  • And many more

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